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Term 4 2018

Permission to Patch and Quilt

Join Jenni who has an infectious enthusiasm for patchwork and a desire to share the joy of quilting with others. In this workshop she will demonstrate how quickly and easily beautiful quilts can come together. She shares little tips and tricks to help simplify the patching process and encourages participants to play with colour and pattern. Most importantly Jenni gives participants permission to laugh, relax and enjoy the process of creating and she will not allow anyone to get bogged down with perfectionism. BYO sewing machine.
Time & Date Thur 10am from 25th October
Fees 6x 2hr sessions - $130
Materials Kit available for $70 (pay direct to tutor please) - or materials list available.
Tutor Jenni Farrar

Permission to patch at Christmas

Join Jenni for this enjoyable Christmas patchwork class. Learn how to create a lovely table runner which looks complicated but is actually very simple to make. This workshop will be relaxing, entertaining and informative as Jenni shares hints and creative tips to help make your Christmas table beautiful.
Time & Date Mon 6pm from 22nd October or
Wed 10am from 14th November or
a one day workshop on Sat 10th November at 10am
Fees 3x 2hr sessions - $65
Materials Kit available for $40 (pay direct to tutor please)
Tutor Jenni Farrar

Art Group 

Come and join a group of budding artists. Here is a space where you can work on your own project or maybe share your artistic talents with other like-minded people. Set aside two hours to paint or draw within this
casual, supportive atmosphere. Please note that oil based paints and solvents are not permitted for use in the centre .
Time & Date Wed 1:30pm from 10th October
Fees Per 2hr sessions - $2.50

Small Works

Learn a new skill and have a few laughs along the way in this one day workshop. Using water based inks and plant foliage you will make a number of small (140mmx140mm) monoprints that can be framed to make a professional image to use as a unique Christmas gift or for those December birthdays. If you would like to frame your artwork you can purchase a frame on the day to provide a professional finish.
Time & Date Sat 12noon on 1st December
Fees 1x 4hr sessions -$43
Materials Extra (pay direct to tutor please) - $25
Tutor Carol Kite

Twist Cards

Enjoy a relaxed friendly class using a variety of different card shapes and different materials to make a unique set of handmade cards to either give as a gift or to keep for yourself. Using 2 tone paper you will make these amazing, unique cards that have a book like feel to them. You will create wonderful small snapshot images for your cards using collage, pastels, pens or paint.
Time & Date Sat 1pm on 17th November
Fees 1x3hr sessions - $32
Materials Extra (pay direct to tutor please) - $15
Tutor Carol Kite

Drawing and Painting Classes

In our class we are continuously discovering new mediums and learning new professional drawing and painting techniques. We see developments in each other’s work every single week. Class members enjoy
hanging out with a group of like-minded creative people, whist exploring mediums such as watercolour, acrylic painting, pastel painting, pen and ink and mixed media. It is encouraged from the start that you learn to feel comfortable in your own individual artistic ability and that you allow yourself to be creative. Spaces for new students are available. Prior experience in drawing is an advantage in these classes but not essential.
Time & Date Mon 10.30am from 15th October or Mon 1pm from 15th October
Fees 8x 2hr sessions - $173
Materials Extra (pay direct to tutor please) - $20
Tutor Adie McDermott

Evening Drawing and Painting Classes

Have you ever dreamed of being able to draw, paint or live a more creative life? We welcome anyone of any age, skill level or ability to our classes where we will combine drawing 101 with painting in different mediums,
and techniques to encourage creative thinking. Learn to feel comfortable in your own individual ability, improve your observation skills, allow yourself to be creative and develop new, professional painting techniques such as acrylic painting, watercolour, pastel painting, pen and ink and mixed media to use in your private art making practice.
Time & Date Mon 6pm from 15th October
Fees 8x 2hr sessions - $173
Materials Extra (pay direct to tutor please) - $20
Tutor Adie McDermott

Mixed media for all abilities

This is a place where adults can really have fun with art!! A balance between direction and freedom, these creative classes will see you learning the basics of drawing, painting, collage, stenciling, masking, stamping and/or typography and then focusing on playing and exploration. These classes are adaptable to all skill levels and abilities. Learn to feel comfortable in your own individual ability, relax and socialise with others and allow time just for yourself whilst you explore the mixed media projects with an experienced, non-critical and knowledgeable tutor. We welcome everyone, of any age and ability to this class and we encourage you to come with a carer if necessary.
Time & Date Fri 1pm from 19th October
Fees 8x 2hr sessions - $173
Materials Extra (pay direct to tutor please) - $20
Tutor Adie McDermott

Mono Printing with Carol Kite

Learn two different techniques in mono printing in this five-week workshop. Be surprised by what is revealed, when you pull back the paper to see your image. This is mono printing without a press. In the last session
we will put the two techniques together to create an image. No experience needed just an enquiring mind.
Time & Date Tues 1pm from 13th November
Fees 5x 2hr sessions - $108
Materials Extra (pay direct to tutor please) - $25 Material list-Pencil, scissors, glue stick, small brush (if you have one) and paper towel.
Tutor Carol Kite

Exploring Paper, Paint and More (mixed media)

This class explores the diversity, flexibility, and beauty of paper. This is a class where boundaries are pushed and new techniques are developed. The class will explore staining paper, collagraph printing, watercolour, acrylic paints, inks, pencils and pastels. Suitable for beginners to advanced participants.
Time & Date Wed 6:30pm from 17th October
Fees 8x 2hr sessions - $173
Materials list supplied
Tutor Carol Kite