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Non Accreddidited Courses - Term 4 2018

Some of this training is provided with Victorian Government funding for eligible participants through Adult, Community & Further Education (ACFE). Those seeking funded places must meet the funding criteria to be eligible.

Computer Classes

Computers 1

If you’re new or nervous about computers, this is the course for you! Learn how to use a mouse, get a clear understanding of what is the Internet, what is the Cloud, learn how to create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, do a dash of graphic design with PowerPoint, and learn about and use email. Most importantly, learn how to resolve your computer questions or hiccups yourself after the course is over! The course is Windows-based, not Mac.
Time & Date Fridays 12.30pm from 19th October (no class on 23rd November)
Fees 8x 2.5 hour sessions (funded) - $100.00
Tutor Leanne Mumford

How to Make a Web Page

Would you like to produce a web page for your club, work place or to publicise yourself or your hobby or personal interests? You can create your own web pages or blogs in a consistent format or manage simple “Home Pages” for yourself, your work place or club! Incorporate pictures from either your own sources or from other sites. We will be making web pages and uploading them to a free hosting web site with your own account name.Learn how to use Word to produce such presentations or whatever you have in mind to suit your particular needs. As an extra, you will also learn how to make simple drawings and create simple Logos and/or animations for your web page.
Time & Date Wed 1pm from 21st November
Fees 4x2 hour sessions- $90
Tutor Trevor Gibbs

Computers 2

This course is for those who have used a mouse and accessed computers before but who want to extend their skills and understand more about what their computer can do. Learn how to personalise your Windows 10 workspace, explore the functions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and find out more about emails and the Internet.
Time & Date Tuesdays 1pm from 16th October
Fees 8x 2.5 hour sessions (funded) - $100.00
Tutor Trevor Gibbs

Desktop Publishing

Do you envision yourself as a writer and self-publisher? Do you need to produce a club magazine or news-sheet or simple diagrams? Would you like to create your own recipe books in a consistent format? In this course you will learn how to do all this as well as produce certificates, letterheads and watermarks.As an extra, you will also learn how to make simple drawings and create simple logos for your club, news-sheet or letterhead.
Time & Date Wednesdays 10am from 17th October
Fees 4x2 hour sessions- $90
Tutor Trevor Gibbs

Computer Drop In

Just learning the computer and still a bit unsure of what to do? Come along to the Hub and practise your computer skills with an experienced person on hand to assist you if you get stuck. Please note that this is not a computer class: we will provide help and support only.
Time & Date Thu 3pm (by appointment only)
Fees Per session - $2.50
Tutor John Kirkman

Mobile Phone, iPad and Tablet Help

Are you having trouble with your mobile phone, iPad or tablet and just need a little help? Come along to one of these sessions to receive some assistance with that question you have, whether it is to do with texting, saving photos or changing your ring tone etc. Help is available for all makes and models of phones. No appointment necessary.
Time & Date Wed 10th October 11am - 12noon, Wed 14th November 11am - 12noon, Wed 12th December 11am - 12noon
Fees Per session - $2:50
Tutor BW Computers

Introduction to iPad

This course will introduce you to your iPad. Learn how to navigate through the various screens, control the settings so they work best for you, make the best use of contacts, maps, email, your calendar, notes and a variety of pre-installed apps. Discover some wonderful apps that can make your life even more fun and exciting. Join the ever- growing community of iPad users who are changing the way we look and interact with the world. No prior knowledge required, just bring along your iPad!
Time & Date Tue 10am from 16th October
Fees 5x 2hr sessions - $108
Tutor Paul Jones

Intermediate iPad

Now that you pretty much know your way around your iPad, you’re ready to take the next bite of that Apple. Amongst other things, learn how to: share photos easily, use the different cameras effectively, find the hidden
screens, let Siri do all the work for you, manage your storage, create favourite folders in Safari, discover some tips and ricks to navigate through life and discover some fun and timesaving apps.
Time & Date Tue 1:30pm from 16th October
Fees 4x 2hr sessions - $86
Tutor Paul Jones

Social Media

Keep in touch with family, friends and current trends across the globe by jumping on the Social Media wagon. Go on, take the plunge into Facebook and Instagram. Learn how to ‘post‘ a comment, photo/video, ‘Like’
someone else’s post or share it with your friends. No experience needed -just bring along your laptop or mobile device.
Time & Date Tue 10am from 20th November
Fees 3x 2hr sessions - $65
Tutor Paul Jones

Podcasts and ibooks for iPad and iPhones

Podcasts allow you to listen to pre-recorded programs. You can listen to them in the comfort of your own home or even download them to listen to them wherever you go. Discover how to subscribe so you won’t miss an episode. Find your favourites and discover new podcasts you had no idea even existed. iBooks: Download digital books to read at your leisure. Buy or get books for free. Even learn how to take notes within the book, use the inbuilt dictionary or make the font larger.
Time & Date Tue 1.30pm from 13th November
Fees 1x 2hr session - $25
Tutor Paul Jones

Discover the Secrets of Successful Websites

Don’t believe the ads “Have a great website in 1 hour!” All they will do is provide you with a very nice theme, and the rest is up to you. There is much more to having a great website than just having a nice theme. There are issues such as: the use of headers (and why), how to format your text (and why), what words to use and avoid (and why), the use of photos, and more... Not to mention the one thing that nearly all your web pages must have!
In this course, you will discover all these things from an experienced and active web designer. If your site is not converting visitors into clients, your website may need improving.
Tim & Date Wednesday 1pm on 14th November
Fees 1x 1.5 hour sessions- $25
Tutor Serge Botans

Introduction to Landscape Photography

This course is a general introduction to the topic of landscape photography. It is suitable for beginners to intermediate photographers or photographers experienced in other areas of photography looking to expand their
photographic expertise and experience into landscape. 

Topics covered will include: basic camera settings; advice on shooting in the field; understanding light, vision and composition; strategies for finding and making a memorable landscape photograph. The course will include two field trips and reviews of participant photographs. 

Pre-requisites and expectations of background knowledge: It is expected that participants have a basic understanding of how to use their camera and how to change the settings, so, it is important that participants have a copy of their camera manual with them during the course.

What you will need: A camera with some level of manual control, i.e., the capability to override the fully automatic settings, is desirable so you can get the most from the technical aspects of the course. Most modern compact cameras, ‘bridge’ cameras, DSLRs or mirrorless cameras would be suitable. However, a significant proportion of this course deals with aesthetics of landscape photography so almost any camera will do.

Please note: A range of gear will be discussed during the course but there is NO expectation that participants will need to purchase or own anything other than an entry level camera to participate in this course.
Field trips:
Saturday 27 October Time TBA
Saturday 10 November Time TBA

Time & Date Thurs 6.30pm from 18th October
Fees 7x 2hr sessions (including 2 x field trips) - $151
Tutor Ian Smissen

Introduction To Excel

Excel allows you to develop computer records that involve calculations or comparisons. Examples include household budgets or spending and other financial data, including tax. It can also be used for record keeping related to health or fitness, e.g. blood pressure or sugar levels, DVD or CD collections, sports performance, weather or tide data, etc. This short course provides an introduction to spreadsheets and data entry and manipulation using MS Excel and Windows.
Time & Date Tuesdays 10am from 16th October
Fees 3x2 hour sessions- $65
Tutor Barry White

Going Further With Excel

This course enables those with basic ideas about Excel to expand their skills in linking data within and between workbooks, transferring data to Word or PowerPoint, inserting other items into Excel, using more complex
formatting and improving presentation of spreadsheets and graphs.
Time & Date Tuesdays 10am from 4th December
Fees 2x2 hour sessions $45.00
Tutor Barry White

Digital SLR Camera Course

This course is designed to enhance your knowledge of the use and understanding of digital SLR cameras. A photographic critique of participants’ images will be covered within this course along with most aspects of SLR cameras. 
Prerequisites: basic computer skills and an SLR camera. Course requirements: It is expected you will have a camera that is capable of full manual modes and that you will have basic computer skills.
Time & Date Tuesdays 7pm from 9th October
Fees 4x2 hour sessions $90.00
Tutor John Walteror: John Walter

Introduction To Photoshop

This is an introductory course to Photoshop for those who wish to take their photography to the next level. Learn the basics of Photoshop that will enhance and improve your picture taking. Also covered within this course will be a critique of photographs by course participants and advice on camera use, angles and lighting, colour and black and white images.
Prerequisites: basic computer and camera skills. Course requirements: Students will be required to bring their own laptops and download the free trial software.
Time & Date Tuesdays 7pm from 13th November
Fee 4x2 hour sessions $90.00
Tutor John Walter