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Term 3 2019

Some of this training is provided with Victorian Government funding for eligible participants through Adult, Community & Further Education (ACFE). Those seeking funded places must meet the funding criteria to be eligible.

Handling Your Power Bills

Now you can learn how to control your power bills. With a specially designed spreadsheet where you can enter your power and gas usage from your own bills and check out the better offers from the retailers. The savings may astound you as Trevor has identified savings of around $550 on the electricity component alone... you could well save more depending on your retailer. You will learn how the spreadsheet is set up and it will be followed up by email with updated versions and a news sheet. Imagine being able to check out your own information without being hassled by sales people with false discounts...because you can play them at their own game! You will need to bring in your own power and gas bills for the last 12 months. This is aimed at saving you money using your bills with your typical consumption.
Time & Date: Tuesdays 6pm from 20th August
Fees 1x3 hour session - $35
Tutor Trevor Gibbs

Computers 1

If you’re new or nervous about computers, this is the course for you! Learn how to use a mouse, get a clear understanding of what is the Internet, what is the Cloud, learn how to create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, do a dash of graphic design with PowerPoint, and learn about and use email. Most importantly, learn how to resolve your computer questions or hiccups yourself after the course is over! The course is Windows-based, not Mac.
Time & Date Fridays 1pm from 2nd August
Fees 8x2.5 hour sessions (funded) - $100.00
Tutor Leanne Mumford

Computers 2

This course is for those Windows 10 users who have completed the computers 2 program and want to explore some of the more advanced features of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Get more out of your email program and web browser, and work with devices such as scanners,
printers and cameras.
Time & Date: Fridays 9.30am from 2nd August
Fees 8x2.5 hour sessions (funded) - $100.00
Tutor Trevor Gibbs

Search Engine Optimisation

Do you have a website but it is not ranking well with search engines? It may be that your website needs 'search engine optimisation'. In this course, you will learn: the difference between on-page optimisation and offpage optimisation, the need for keyword research, the basics of keyword research, the need for so-called LSI, how to optimise your web pages for search engines, how to devise a keyword plan for your site, and lots more...
This course focuses on so-called 'on-page optimisation' only. And in some cases, it is enough to get a website to improve its rankings.Your instructor is an experienced local web designer.
Time & Date: Tuesday 6pm from 20th August
Fees 3x1.5 hour session - $60
Tutor Serge Botans

Improve Your Website

Do you have a website that is not working for you? It may be that your website is not properly set up to convert visitors into clients.In this 2-week course, you will learn: a formula for writing headlines and content, why you need headlines, one word you should use minimally in your content and one word you should use instead, one thing every page of your website must have, how to format the content of your pages and why, and more... Through this course, you will become better equipped towards setting
up your website to convert visitors into clients, which is what your website should be doing.Your instructor is an experienced local web designer and he will teach you the practical aspects of web design..
Time & Date: Tuesday 6pm from 6th August
Fees 2x1.5 hour session - $40
Tutor Serge Botans

Ipad Introduction

Do you have an iPad but struggle to understand how to use it, or what you can do with it? In this 3-week course (2 x 1.5 h), you will learn things like: understanding the visual display, how to use your fingers, what apps are, the basics of taking photos or videos, organising your apps, adding and removing apps, the basics of surfing the Internet and getting your emails, connecting to a
WiFi hotspot, and lots more... Understand this is a basic introductory course designed to introduce you to the features of the iPad.
Time & Date: Tuesday 6pm from 10th September
Fees 2x1.5 hour session - $40
Tutor Serge Botans

Photo Editing

Do you take photos with your smartphone or tablet/iPad, and wish you could easily edit your photos to make them look better? This 1.5 h course will do just that. In this course, you will learn about a free app (for iOS and Android) that makes it very easy to edit photos to get the look you want.
You will need to bring your smartphone, tablet or iPad to the course where you will learn things like: how to sharpen your photos, how to brighten shaded areas, how to make your photos ‘warm’ or ‘cool’, how to add a frame to your photos, how to make the subject of your photo stand out, how to give your photos the ‘old photo’ look, and lots more... You will need to have a photo on your
device you will be able to edit. A tablet is preferable due to the bigger screen.
This non-technical course will help you transform ordinary photos into photos that pop! PS Make sure you come able to download the app from Google Play or the iStore, as applicable.
Time & Date Tuesday 6pm from 30th July
Fees 1x1.5 hour session - $25
Tutor Serge Botans

Introduction To Excel

Excel allows you to develop computer records that involve calculations or comparisons. Examples include household budgets or spending and other financial data, including tax. It can also be used for record keeping related to health or fitness, e.g. blood pressure or sugar levels, DVD or CD collections, sports performance, weather or tide data, etc. This short course provides an introduction to spreadsheets and data entry and manipulation using MS Excel and Windows.
Time & Date Tuesdays 4pm from 23rd July
Fees 3x2 hour sessions- $65
Tutor Barry White

Going Further With Excel

This course enables those with basic ideas about Excel to expand their skills in linking data within and between workbooks, transferring data to Word or PowerPoint, inserting other items into Excel, using more complex formatting and improving presentation of spreadsheets and graphs.
Time & Date Tuesdays 4pm from 13th August
Fees 2x2 hour sessions $45.00
Tutor Barry White