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Term 3 2019

Italian Cuisine

Enjoy life, eat well, cook Italian! Italian cuisine is renowned world wide for it’s taste,simplicity and health benefits.
Let us help you expand your cooking repertoire with these three ‘home style’ dishes. We will also show you how you can alter the recipes to cater for your individual needs. Food and equipment all inclusive with recipe handouts to take home.
Menu: Bruschetta
Stuffed capsicums
Ricotta balls.

Time & Date Monday 6.30pm 5th August or Monday 6.30pm 26th August
Fee $45.00 1x2 hour session
Tutor Maria Sestito + Rosemary Gador

Short & Choux Pastry

Making short pastry/ tarts and Éclair/ Profiteroles Come indulge your sweet side and take some goodies home..

Time & Date Wednesday 6.30pm 28th August
Fee $45.00 1x2 hour session
Tutor Tim Digby

Simply Vibrant Vegan Cooking Classes

This class is designed to make cooking healthy, delicious and nutritious plant based meals EASY! Raw food is important in your repertoire too – but who wants to fill up on lettuce?!
Gone are the days when you can spend hours in the kitchen preparing the evening meal – who really has time or the inclination to laboriously make dinner when all you want to do is relax with family or chill with a book.
What you choose to eat will make a significant difference to your overall health and wellbeing, including raw food as well as the hearty cooked dishes is important ~ making and creating quick easy meals that are brim with nutrients and flavour is also important and it’s the key to your vitality and longevity!

Class 1 Menu
Vegan Food - cooking & raw preparation class – with Health & Sustainability focus.

  • Healthy Vegetable Vegan Lasagne – hearty whole foods!
  • Simply Vibrant Raw Stack – a different take on salad!
  • Chia & Berry Parfait – Liver lover!

These classes include food benefit descriptions.
Understanding that our food choices are integral to our ongoing health and wellbeing.

Time & Dates Monday 6.30pm 12th August or Wednesday 6.30pm 4th September
Fee $45.00 1x2 hour session
Tutor Lisa Brand

Class 2 Menu
Vegan Food - cooking & raw preparation class – with health & sustainability focus

  • Stove Top Vegetable Bake – Hot ‘n’ Hearty & quick!
  • Mayo Deluxe Coleslaw – Supremely Sublime!
  • Fruit Stack with Banana Crème – Living Colour!

Time & Dates Wednesday 6.30pm 21st August or Monday 6.30pm 16th September
Fee $45.00 1x2 hour session
Tutor Lisa Brand