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Term 4 2018


Monday + Friday = ZUMBA® FITNESS

Finish up the work day and prepare yourself for somefun filled Zumba time! Dance and smile your way tofitness with this international exercise phenomenon. Partyyourself into shape. The Latin-inspired, easy-tofollow,calorie-burning, dance-fitness party is here. Feelthe music and let loose! The fun begins...
Time & Date Mon 6pm from 8th October & Fri 9:30am from 12th October
Fees Per 1hr session - $13
Tutor Mariela Gonzalez


Enjoy Yoga poses, stretching, breathing practices andrelaxation for fitness and well-being. This class will helpthose people coping with stress, recovering from illnessor improving their health. Please bring a mat and blanketor towel.
Time & Date Tue 6pm from 9th October
Fees 10x 1.5 hr sessions - $135, Single session - $15
Tutor Jannie Kemp

Beginners Golf

Come along to these sessions to learn the beginnings ofplaying that perfect round of golf.
Venue OG Golf Club - Thur 10am from 11th Oct
Fees 5x 1hr sessions - $85
Tutor Mal Humphries

On Course Golf Lesson

Play 4-6 holes with a PGA Teaching Professional. Learnabout course management, get tips on your swing, choiceof shot and correct club selection.
Venue OG Golf Club - Thur 1pm on 8th November
Fees 1x 2hr session - $40
Tutor Mal Humphries


Pilates mat work is a floor based exercise program whichfocuses on core strength and stretching the muscles.
Time & Date Thu 5:30pm from 11th October
Fees 10x 1hr sessions - $108
Tutor Jane Green

Tai Chi Advanced

Continue learning the 108 form Cheng Ming Tai Chipattern and explore Nei Gong which is Internal EnergyWork. Prerequisite: Cheng Ming Tai Chi sections 1 and 2.
Time & Date Thu 11am from 11th October
Fees 10x 1hr sessions - $108
Tutor Leanne Mumford

Cheng Ming Tai Chi- Beginners

Enjoy the gentle movement of Tai Chi to improve yourbalance, flexibility and co-ordination, gradually stretchingand opening all the joints, improving blood flow, andproviding gentle massage to the internal organs.Remembering the Tai Chi pattern and learning to moveyour body in new ways creates subtle new challenges foryour brain, keeping both your mind and your body activeand learning. Any ages and fitness levels are welcome.Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and flat shoes.No prior experience needed.
Time & Date Thu 1pm from 11th October
Fees 10x 1hr sessions - $108
Tutor Leanne Mumford

Peace of Mind & Body Yoga

Treat yourself to some peaceful time with gentle HathaYoga. The aim of the class is to balance not only thephysical body but also the mental and spiritual. Withpractice you will feel balanced in all these centres andyou will cope much better in your daily life. Yoga canbe of benefit to everybody. All ages and beginners arewelcome. Please bring a mat and a blanket / towelto class.
Time & Date Wed 9:30am from 10th October & Wed 6pm from 10th October
Fees 9x 1.5 hr sessions - $122
Tutor Judy Stickland

Depression and Anxiety Self Help

Support Group - Help break down the barriers. Join this group whichmeets to support each other and offer friendship to thosewith mental health issues. Various activities and guestspeakers are scheduled throughout the term. The groupmeets weekly during the school term.
Time & Date Thu 1pm from 11th October
Fees Per week - $2.50

Core Strength Class

This class focuses on core and upper body strengthening.Bring a water bottle, light hand weights and a towel.
Time & Date Tue 9am from 9th October
Fees Per week - $7
Fitness Instructor TBA

Tummy, Hips & Thighs Circuit

Focusing on lower body with cardio and resistancetraining to increase fitness and strength. Bring a waterbottle, hand weights and a towel.
Time & Date Thu 9am from 11th October
Fees Per 1hr session - $7
Fitness Instructor TBA


Including hatha asanas, steady vinyasa flows, pranayamapractice and relaxation, these classes are intended togently stretch and strengthen the mind and soul alongwith the body. Beginners welcome!
Time & Date Mon 9.30am from 8th October
Fees 8x 1 1/4 hr sessions - $135
Tutor Lisa Craigen

Beginners Surfing for Women

Enrol in this 4 week course for an excellent introduction tobasic surfing skills. Have fun, learn in a safe, supportiveenvironment and get advice about equipment, surf safetyand fitness for surfing. Wetsuits and soft boards areprovided. Book early as numbers are limited.
Time & Date Wed 9:30am from 7th November
Fees 4x 2hr sessions - $190
Tutor Heather Peck

Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness simply means paying attention to the presentmoment. We live in busy times and our attention is oftenfocused on many different things at once. This can makeus feel stressed and exhausted.Take an hour out of your day and learn how to give yourmind and body a rest.Learning and practising mindfulness can help you to copewith everyday life and deal with tough times. It can alsohelp you to concentrate, relax and be more productive.
Time & Date Wed 10am from 7th November
Fees 6x 1hr sessions - $2.50
Tutor Rochelle Hadjiloukas

Belly Dancing - Beginners/Intermediate

This class is for those who have never danced orwould like to refresh the basics. Enjoy the companyof like minded women as you explore the life enrichingexperience of belly dance. Discover the potential toimprove your physical, mental and emotional well beingwhilst swaying and swirling in time with traditional andcontemporary music. All ages shapes and abilities arewelcome and supported in our friendly environment.
Time & Date Tues 10:30am from 9th October
Fees 8x 1 1/4 hr sessions - $135
Tutor Lisa Craigen

KickAsana Yoga

For the voluptuous, beginners and those who prefer aslower flow (every body is welcome) These classesinclude classical hatha asanas, steady vinyasa flows,pranayama practice and relaxation. You will beencouraged and supported whilst building strength andflexibility at a comfortable pace. Along with its physicalbenefits yoga also has the potential to improve yourmental and emotional well being. All ages, shapesand abilities are welcome and supported in our friendlyenvironment.
Time & Date Fri 12 noon from 12th October
Fees 8x 1 1/4 hr sessions - $135
Tutor Lisa Craigen