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Term 3 - 2021


Cheng Ming Tai Chi- Beginners

Enjoy the gentle movement of Tai Chi to improve your balance, flexibility and co-ordination, gradually stretching and opening all the joints, improving bloodflow, and providing gentle massage to the internal organs. Remembering the Tai Chi pattern and learning to move your body in new ways creates subtle new challenges for your brain, keeping both your mind and your body active and learning. Any ages and fitness levels are welcome. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and flat shoes. No prior experience needed.

Time & Date Wed 1pm from 14th July
Fees 10x 1hr sessions - $108
Tutor Leanne Mumford

Tai Chi Continued

Continue learning the 108 form Cheng Ming Tai Chi pattern. Prerequisite: Cheng Ming Tai Chi term 1

Time & Date Wed 6pm from 14th July
Fees 10x 1hr sessions - $108
Tutor Leanne Mumford

Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness simply means paying attention to the present moment. We live in busy times and our attention is often focused on many different things at once. This can make us feel stressed and exhausted.Take an hour out of your day and learn how to give your mind and body a rest. Learning and practising mindfulness can help you to cope with everyday life and deal with tough times. It can also help you to concentrate, relax and be more productive.

Time & Date Tues 11.30am from 13th July
Fees 6x 1hr sessions - $2.50
Tutor Rochelle Hadjiloukas


Fit Forever

This group fitness class encourages co-ordination, strength, balance and flexibility. It is a low-impact workout which uses a variety of styles and equipment. Bring along your water bottle.

Time & Date Tue 10.15am from 13th July
Fees Per week - $8
Fitness Instructor Heather Peck

Fit Forever Circuit

This is an energetic blend of functional strength training, cardio, balance and flexibility. It is a low impact circuit based class. Bring along your water bottle.

Time & Date Thu 9am from 15th July
Fees Per 1hr session - $8
Fitness Instructor Heather Peck



Monday + Friday = ZUMBA® FITNESS
Finish up the work day and prepare yourself for some fun filled Zumba time! Dance and smile your way to fitness with this international exercise phenomenon. Party yourself into shape. The Latin inspired, easy-to-follow, energy-burning, dance-fitness party is here. Feel the music and let loose! The fun begin....

Time & Date Mon 6pm from 12th July or Fri 9:30am from 16th July
Fees Per 1hr session - $13
Tutor Mariela Gonzalez


Depression and Anxiety Support Group

Help break down the barriers. Join this group which meets to support each other and offer friendship to those with mental health issues. The group meets weekly during the school term and is facilitated by a qualified Mental Health Practitioner.

Time & Date Thu 1pm from15th July
Fees Per week - $2.50
Facilitator Sue Eddy


Cath Warren Wellness Coaching

Functional Strength Circuit Sessions
60 minutes of programmed and coached functional resistance and body weight movement patterns suitable for all fitness levels. Build muscle, gain strength, improve your mindset and strive to be the best possible version of yourself in a social, supportive and fun training environment.

  • Wednesdays @6am
  • Saturdays @8am

$15/casual session or 10 pass = $130
To book please call Cath on 0402 320 699

High Intensity Interval Training
45 minutes of body weight functional compound muscle movement patterns. Improve cardiovascular health, burn fat, gain strength, improve movement functionally and enjoy the holistic benefits of HIIT training in a coach-led, motivating training environment.

  • Tuesdays @6am
  • Thursdays @6am

All CWWC training sessions are $15/casual session OR 10 sessions pass = $130
To book please call Cath on 0402 320 699

Strength Training for Older Adults

This group weight training class will help you build muscle, bone strength and improve your balance and flexibility . Bring along your water bottle.

Time & Date
Wed 9.30am from 14th July
Fees Per week - $8
Fitness Instructor Heather Peck


Stretchtone is a gentle exercise technique that involves creating a tiny pulse movement into an extended muscle. It’s completely no-impact and the mostly isometric exercises strengthen the core and pelvic floor to improve posture, strength, and balance. Your back and knees are protected at all times. You can learn more at and the Movement Mentors Facebook page. Virginia Cooke is a certified Callanetics instructor and Level 1 yoga teacher (IYTA).

Time & Date
Mon 10.30am from 16th August
Fees 6x 1 hr sessions - $81
Fitness Instructor Virginia Cooke

Ageless Grace

Ageless Grace® is a fun, brain and body fitness program set to music old and new. The entire class is done seated in a chair, which challenges the body to use its core muscles to recreate movements from life experiences. Ageless Grace is based on the science of neuroplasticity; the brain’s ability to create new neural pathways, with practice. Classes are 45-50 minutes long and we don’t wear shoes - socks or bare feet are fine.

Time & Date Mon 9.30am from 16th August
Fees 6x 50 min sessions - $81
Fitness Instructor Virginia Cooke