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Term 3 2021


Beginners Auslan (Australian Sign Language)

In this class you will learn the basics to help you communicate with Deaf and Hearing Impaired people.During these practical and fun classes you will learn how to fingerspell, develop a vocabulary of basic conversational signs, learn how to structure a sentenceand more.

Time & Date Wednesdays 6pm from 28th July
Fees 8x 1hr 30min sessions - $130
Tutor Tina Birch 


Spanish For Beginners

This class is suitable for prospective travellers or thosewho would like to learn a new language for enjoymentand cultural insight. No prior knowledge required.

Time & Date Mon 6pm from 19th July
Fees x 1.5 hr sessions - $135
Tutor Maria Jose Sanmiguel


Intermediate Italian

These Intermediate Italian classes continue on from previous terms which students must have completed to join this class. Please ring to enquire if you have previous knowledge and would like to join the class.

Time & Date Tuesdays 7pm from 20th July or Wednesday 5pm from 21st July
Fees 8x1.5 hr session $130
Tutor Maria Sestito


French For Travellers - Beginners

Now is the time to get ready for when the International borders open. Are you looking at holidaying in France or would you just like to learn some French? Then this class is for you! It is the first class in a series of ‘French for travellers’ courses and will cover the very basics you will need to know: how to pronounce the French alphabet, how to count to 100, the gender of words and their definite/indefinite articles, negation, the use of ‘tu’ and ‘vous’, greetings, telling the time, courtesy phrases, how to ask questions and more... We will be focusing on very basic and essential grammar, as well as on pronunciation and basic must know phrases. The class will be run by a native Frenchman.

Time & Date Thur 6pm from 15th July
Fees 10x 1.5 hr sessions - $162
Tutor Serge Botans